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New Market Launch


BIG INVEST supports its Clients, especially Polish manufacturers of various goods, in the expansion of their products on the new markets.

In relations with our Clients, we act both as a market advisor and an experienced trade agent, indicating most suitable markets for product expansion and – further on – introducing the Client’s products on selected markets.


Our trade platform  is a MTB Trade company together with BIG InvestConsult AG as door opening entity, both being trade agents of Polish producers and Private Label advisory company, with its employees and agents in Europe and Asia.





Market  expansion

After we familiarize ourselves with the Client’s production type and his products portfolio, we create  and effectively organize a system of products sale on the new markets through cooperating distributors and in distribution networks, served by BIG INVEST agents, which form our cooperating network on a local market.

We are active mainly in supporting distribution of commercial, engineer and industrial products, which show their quality and price competitiveness on international markets, are innovative and already been successfully exported.


BIG INVEST expands that export on markets, where our representatives and business relations are present.




New  markets

We offer our Clients launching their products on Middle East and Asia markets.

Both, market selection and a way of introducing products are agreed together with the Client and adjusted to the product’s character, its previous export history and development plans.

Terms and scope of our supervision over distribution and monitoring of a local market, on which we introduce the manufacturer (our Client), are determined individually, depending on our Client’s needs.


More information you will find on our trade website www.mtbtrading.com.