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Project  Finance



BIG INVEST with its partners offers professional services in the area of fundraising for investment projects, both from private investors sources and financial institutions.


The financial needs of a business will vary according to the type and size of the business. For example, processing businesses are usually capital intensive, requiring large amounts of capital. We cover various types of financing chosen individually to our client needs.


  • equity / debt funding
  • capital growth
  • project loans & start ups



  • identifying potential sources of financing
  • consulting with regard to the best financing
  • verifying feasibility of the projects to be financed
  • working out optimal financial deals, allowing customers to
    maintain, regain or improve their competitiveness
  • selecting best investment vehicles,
  • other supporting services during negotiations
    and finalizing of transactions.

We work closely with you to finance projects in industrial sector, real estate, capital growth and many other areas. Our team’s deep and extensive experience helps you identify the types of creative financing structures and sources of finance—from banks to funds/private equity.


The key to project finance is a risk allocation and management. The risks associated with new projects can be identified and managed by allocating them to those who are best equipped to deal with them. The process ensures, that a more sensible and therefore more financeable project risk profile is attained enabling the successful realization of promising new projects.

Our worldwide network of partners, let us create efficient platform for exchanging of information and transactions between finance providers and project developers.

BIG INVEST is also interested in joining selected business projects
as a partner using own services or funds.