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Renewable  Energy



BIG INVEST companies have experience and expertise in PV and Wind energy projects development, construction and finance. In renewable energy projects we keep a position of an Investment Provider, integrating all participants of the PV and Wind energy projects, namely:

  • Developers and project owners,
  • Engineering suppliers,
  • Technology owners / equipment producers,
  • Investors / co-investors and financial institutions,
  • End-users


Own developed projects and team
With our specialists, engineers and BIG INVEST partner companies we have been permitting and constructing successfully over 900 MW wind and PV projects in Europe.



One of our activity policies is to enter emerging renewable energy markets at early stage, taking advantage of duly recognized new opportunities, which may not be available for late comers. That is why we develop currently own projects in Iran. For our Iranian projects we search for partners for construction. Additionally we offer development and investment services by our local team in Iran. 

Investment Provider services
We are Investment Providers for projects being developed by our Clients, for whom we offer supporting development services, arrangement of financing and EPC services. Our basic rule and service as Investment Provider is to support developers thorough transferring their projects from development into operation stage. We create it through the financial engineering & design, as well as integrating projects and its owners with proper finance institutions, investors and EPC companies.



We work closely with private financial investors and institutions from worldwide funds and financial centers, able to bring equity and debt funds to renewable energy projects throughout all development stages, as well as to finance projects construction and the purchase of completed and running facilities by the end-users.


For the financial investors or end-users, who are interested in possessing renewable energy plants under operation, we have in our portfolio well developed projects in various countries, on the various stages of development from greenfield to PPA level  and with high enough IRR. Projects which we propose to purchase or partnering are being checked by us (DD services) if client need it and may have our technical and quality confirmation. Currently we are active mainly in Asia and Africa.